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4 Do-it-Yourself Home Improvements that Make a Huge Difference

Once you become a homeowner a lot of things change, overall, it just makes you care that much more about your property. It goes a step farther then just routine maintenance though, doesn’t it? It becomes those extra steps where the home becomes a bit more refined to suit exactly an owner’s personal tastes.

With home ownership comes the inevitable excitement of: DIY home improvements. With just a little bit of personal time and energy not only can the home be enhanced more to personal liking, but it also increases its overall value. In a win-win situation, here are 4 do-it-yourself home improvements to consider making your own:


1. Updating the cabinets

One way to boost the look of your home is to update the cabinets. (Most likely in the kitchen area, but can be other places) The cabinets of a home have a way of standing out and looking either incredibly sleek, or old with a “sore spot” kind of feeling.

The best part about replacing cabinets is the simplicity of it. If the choice in pulls and handles resemble the same as your outdated kitchen gear it can be as simple as a swap with a screwdriver. With a time-stamp of one day you can introduce an entirely new look for your home.


2. Sink/Plumbing

This can be a kind of double-task in the sense that there are two things to consider: the sink and pipes (obviously) in addition to a possible change in countertop.

You will need some basic plumbing tools and the memory to shut the water off before approaching this, but it’s one of the most valuable home improvements a homeowner can make.


3. Sink/Shower fixtures and doorknobs

Once you choose to complete the task above choosing sink/shower fixtures is kind of like the icing on the cake. This can significantly update the look of the bathroom, or if you prefer a more vintage looks there are plenty of options on the market to accommodate that.

Doorknobs are incredibly simple to install, with a screwdriver and some time it can generally be a task completed in less than an hour. We’ve all seen the door in a home that just tends to stand out, as if it was left and forgotten, this would be the perfect example of where this would apply.


4. Think Storage

In a home there is never enough storage. No matter what, over the course of time, we acquire things. In the beginning it can be thought of as miniscule and nothing to worry about, years later it becomes a garage full of items that you have no clue what to do with.

Point being: extra storage is a good thing.

Take the time to look at your home and consider places you can apply storage-kinds of furniture and cabinets (whether it be a piece of furniture, or a shelf you attach to a wall) and simplify your living considerably.


When it comes to home modification it can seem unnecessary, most times it may be things we don’t want to do, but at all times it’s going to grant one thing that can’t be debated: long-term value.

As a homeowner maximizing the value and making sure things last with minimal repair ends up paying for itself. Take the time to think what you can do for your home, and let time repay you for making a good decision. If you need tools and material for your projects, consider supporting your local hardware store. A great online resource for DIY projects is http://www.thisoldhouse.com

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