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5 Reasons Why Product Packaging is Extremely Important

You must have come across certain products which were born out of the most innovative (out of the box) ideas but still couldn’t bag big profits in the market. Although some of the products were much better than their respective counterparts already dominating the market, what people failed to understand is that the presentation is as important as the material itself. The most innovative ideas don’t shine in the market unless their presentation meets certain standards. This post is all about the role the packaging of a product plays in its success in the market:


1. Standout in store:

The store has an environment where there are abundant chances that your product goes completely unnoticed by the shoppers. The reason being the presence of a zillion colors in the store already in the form of labels and messages of different products kept for sale.  Expecting your product to do well in the store without having a catchy appearance is definitely too much to ask. Always remember, even if the product has made impressive growth in the market on the grounds of its quality, the product’s packaging will be the most important tool in creating brand awareness and loyalty. Always remember that cheap packaging quality can bring shame to your customers in front of their family and friends as well. Always make sure your product looks vibrant and unique from the outside too.

2. Product Protection:

Packaging of a product protects it from the wear and tear it may suffer during the handling before it reaches the store. Nobody wants to buy products which have damaged components in them. Always make sure that the product has a quality packaging that could sustain the wear and tear during the handling processes. If you are the packager always make sure to randomly test your packages using package testing equipment from companys like FlexPak.

3. Convenience:

Suppose you go to the store to buy a toolbox for your garage. You buy a toolbox in which the tools are of excellent quality. Just when you were about to leave the store, you notice that the toolbox doesn’t have a briefcase handle which has made it impossible to carry. Now ask yourself- Would you still buy that toolbox? The answer would be - No. The product packaging should always be designed according to the purpose it will serve. The convenience of the customers while carrying the product should be given top priority as well.

4. Marketing:

Packaging is the soul of marketing. You can’t promote a product unless the product has a packaging that accentuates its features. The physical design and the graphical logo are the phenomenon which

have constantly evolved since the beginning and will be later used as the symbol for building trust with their customers. Always decorate the labels with features that can be talked about during the promotions regarding the product. This can prove to be an excellent factor in terms of enhancing the popularity of the product.

5. Security:

Often during the shipping process, multiple units of the product are stolen or tampered to obtain the entire product or a part of it for illegal sale and use. In such situations, packaging can play an important role to detect or prevent such malpractices. Packages can be engineered accordingly to provide appropriate tamper resistance and tamper-void features to indicate tampering. This would definitely prove to be a savior to the company in terms of losses due to external factors.

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