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Finding Your Next Real Estate Lead

Real estate in many ways is a continual race. To find the best opportunities you almost need to stay on top of particular areas and be aware of when new options open up. The great thing about real estate and taking this approach is that often times it will pay off.


The more often you work in the field of real estate the more you will recognize the opportunities as they arise. For the sake of consideration though, here are a few ways to stay on top of opportunities that may pop up unannounced.

Identify a Location Appealing to You

Passion is half of the equation in real estate. Take the time to find an area that appeals to your own personal interests. The more interesting you find an area, the more knowledgeable and excited you will sound about it. Take into consideration:

  • Recreational options
  • School system
  • Crime and safety ratings
  • What the area is truly known for

If you are not a native of a given area you certainly want to sound like one. The more fine-tuned you sound about a particular area the more influential it will be on the possibility of making a deal in the future.

Get to Know the Community

Sometimes agents will randomly approach a home and discuss whether or not a homeowner would be interested in selling. While sometimes this can be effective, it’s not generally suggested.


Taking the time to get to make casual conversation and ask if they knew anyone in the area that may be looking to sell on the other hand is a very effective approach. Not only will this acquire a possible goldmine of opportunities (depending on how close-knit the community is) this is also the opportunity to sell yourself.


The more you are remembered as polite and considerate the more people will want to get in touch with you with their own personal possibilities. This could be buying, selling, or both. Word of mouth carries and a strong reputation is priceless.

Business Cards

Business cards are your friend in real estate adventures. Whether it’s handing them out as a polite courtesy, or hanging them up as you are out and about on daily errands, they grant the opportunity for connections out of nowhere.


Taking the time to have around 1000 business cards made is inexpensive, but very effective. Keep them simple and to the point, and make sure that the need to know information is very easy to identify.


Some homeowners are in a position that they can’t afford their given residence and simply don’t know where to go for help. Something as simple as leaving a supermarket and seeing a business card can be that random moment that lands a lead.


Real estate is a funny business that relies some on luck, sure, but then it’s heavily reliant on personal knowledge and personality. Finding the lead is only half the battle, completing the deal is the other half.


Optimize yourself to succeed and start by landing solid leads. Additional resources can be found at Slavens & Associates.

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