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Improve Your Performance With These Realtor Marketing Tips

Real estate is a competitive business that has the opportunity to thrive or sit stale. The difference often comes down to a variety of factors. A few to consider are:

  • The agents that follow up on an inquiry
  • The methods of advertisement to draw in customers
  • Reputation

All three of those factors contribute heavily to the success of a real estate business. In this segment the topic of discussion is going to be marketing.

Effective marketing can lead to continuous leads and the opportunity to build an empire of success. Ineffective marketing can lead to…you guessed it, the very opposite. The following are going to be a few key suggestions that can take your current stale situation and flip it into something much more.

Listing Online

There are a variety of places online that can be used to list or find properties. The key here isn’t to simply know the websites, just about anyone can find them. The key is to consider your wording of a listing.

When you are putting together a listing for a property the ideal goal should be to tell a story. What you want to accomplish from you story of a home is the drive of appeal.

Business Cards

Business cards are still in style and very, very important. The reason business cards are so valuable is the fact they tie hand to hand with reputation. Reputation is the foundation of a successful real estate empire. Reputation is a priceless quality that can’t be purchased, only earned.

As a real estate businessperson, or company, offering consistent service that goes above and beyond is a necessity. Doing this consistently creates reputation. Handing out business cards to happy clients will not only give them a direct method of contact, but giving them a few extra for friends looking to buy/sell properties is also a window to more and more clients.

Social Media

We live in a digital age and the need for businesses to utilize technology has never been higher. Social media is more than a means of simply posting your latest deal, it’s a way to place yourself in the market of real estate and let people know who you are and what you think.

As a real estate provider this is the opportunity to show that you know what you are talking about. It also grants the opportunity to speak directly to clients in a non-personal, conversational manner. This leads to the next point.

Become an Expert

Experts are relied upon for opinions because of the title they hold. They are an “expert.” What this means in the real estate field is that if it’s possible, try to specialize the real estate you deal with. This could be a kind of style of building; this could be a particular area that you simply fall in love with the scenery, or it could be something else entirely. The idea is that you become the go to person for that particular kind of real estate.


In your next real estate challenge consider a few of these tips to your own personal needs and see if you can flip more than just a house, take your success rate to an entirely different level. Once you get a hang of the basics, you can take it to the next step with referall systems like Morris Marketing.

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