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Where is Indoor Navigation System Taking us?


Indoor navigation system has come a long way since its inception. Recent developments have opened up a plethora of avenues being opened for the use and implementation of the system. Indoor navigation system or indoor positioning system was originally designed with the aim to locate objects and people within a building. The system take aid of a wide array of information collected from acoustics, wireless signals, magnetic fields, radio waves and other such sensory signals to locate the objects and beings within a closed spot. As sensors improved and modern technologies came into play the positioning system became even more advanced and today holds the possibility of being put to use for a wide variety of practical purposes.

This technology is ever progressing and tech giants like Google taking interest in the development of similar technology has created the much needed boost up for this application development project. Indoor navigation system is expected to become one of the most important systems in the coming years. Let us take a look at some of the practical utilities of the system that will become a reality in the years to come.

  • Indoor navigation system or indoor positioning system is able to pinpoint the location of various objects and people within a closed space, thanks to the technological advancements. This has created scope for development of self-navigating sticks or chairs for the visually impaired.
  • Since indoor navigation system can form an image of all the objects and people within a place, it is possible to integrate it along with the virtual reality technology to create games which will give the feeling of being played within one’s home.
  • GPS has a major constraint when it comes to locating a person within a building. Since the technology greatly depends on the device being tracked to remain in the open GPS fails when it is present within a building. Indoor positioning system allows far more accuracy in terms of locating a person or device indoors.
  • Indoor positioning system can also be used for marking a specific location. This is particularly useful if you have to store the information about any product based on the location. It will allow other devices using the same system to track and locate the product as well as access the information about the same on reaching the location.
  • Indoor navigation system has military advantage as well. Considering the fact that it is able to pinpoint the location of various objects and people within a building it can be used for the purpose of obtaining a virtual map of the interior of a building from any point. This will greatly aid military operations and other emergency operations.

Every technology evolves over time. There is no doubt that even indoor positioning system will evolve greatly in the years to come. It indeed offers an exciting number of prospects in terms of its practical uses. Keeping in view these prospective uses, one thing can be said with conviction – the coming years are going to see a revolution in ways people communicate with various technologies.

4 Do-it-Yourself Home Improvements that Make a Huge Difference


Once you become a homeowner a lot of things change, overall, it just makes you care that much more about your property. It goes a step farther then just routine maintenance though, doesn’t it? It becomes those extra steps where the home becomes a bit more refined to suit exactly an owner’s personal tastes.

With home ownership comes the inevitable excitement of: DIY home improvements. With just a little bit of personal time and energy not only can the home be enhanced more to personal liking, but it also increases its overall value. In a win-win situation, here are 4 do-it-yourself home improvements to consider making your own:


1. Updating the cabinets

One way to boost the look of your home is to update the cabinets. (Most likely in the kitchen area, but can be other places) The cabinets of a home have a way of standing out and looking either incredibly sleek, or old with a “sore spot” kind of feeling.

The best part about replacing cabinets is the simplicity of it. If the choice in pulls and handles resemble the same as your outdated kitchen gear it can be as simple as a swap with a screwdriver. With a time-stamp of one day you can introduce an entirely new look for your home.


2. Sink/Plumbing

This can be a kind of double-task in the sense that there are two things to consider: the sink and pipes (obviously) in addition to a possible change in countertop.

You will need some basic plumbing tools and the memory to shut the water off before approaching this, but it’s one of the most valuable home improvements a homeowner can make.


3. Sink/Shower fixtures and doorknobs

Once you choose to complete the task above choosing sink/shower fixtures is kind of like the icing on the cake. This can significantly update the look of the bathroom, or if you prefer a more vintage looks there are plenty of options on the market to accommodate that.

Doorknobs are incredibly simple to install, with a screwdriver and some time it can generally be a task completed in less than an hour. We’ve all seen the door in a home that just tends to stand out, as if it was left and forgotten, this would be the perfect example of where this would apply.


4. Think Storage

In a home there is never enough storage. No matter what, over the course of time, we acquire things. In the beginning it can be thought of as miniscule and nothing to worry about, years later it becomes a garage full of items that you have no clue what to do with.

Point being: extra storage is a good thing.

Take the time to look at your home and consider places you can apply storage-kinds of furniture and cabinets (whether it be a piece of furniture, or a shelf you attach to a wall) and simplify your living considerably.


When it comes to home modification it can seem unnecessary, most times it may be things we don’t want to do, but at all times it’s going to grant one thing that can’t be debated: long-term value.

As a homeowner maximizing the value and making sure things last with minimal repair ends up paying for itself. Take the time to think what you can do for your home, and let time repay you for making a good decision. If you need tools and material for your projects, consider supporting your local hardware store. A great online resource for DIY projects is http://www.thisoldhouse.com

How and Why Bluetooth Beacons are Used in Indoor Positioning System?


An assortment of iBeacons from different vendors (Wikipedia, CC)


There can be numerous recent instances to quote how bluethooth beacon indoor navigation helped someone in distress. From navigating pets to getting detailed information of exhibits in a museum, it owns a very versatile range of applications in the modern day scenario. 

Why Use Bluetooth Beacon?

Besides the prime reason of GPS being inaccurate indoors, we are still stick with multiple options to be used as a positioning system. The features that make Bluetooth beacons suit this purpose are their cheap price, satisfactory results, long range capabilities and low energy requirement.

While other technologies require high installation cost and energy demands, beacons can run almost up to two years merely on button cells and having range of approximately 30 metres and accuracy up to one metre. Along with effortless installation speciality, its handling is also very easy making it easy to manage using mobile apps compatible with multiple platforms.

It locates and reveals the position of blue-tooth capatible devices such as smartphones or tablets present inside a pre-defined confinement using magnetic anomalies. The thing to be kept in mind is enabling the Bluetooth in your cell phone and installing the required application first. Once it’s installed and working you can use all the functions given in the app using your phone.

Some of its key features are as listed:

  • Bluetooth beacons are installed to create the required observable confinement.
  • The capability to detect the presence of any unauthorised movements of workers outside their designated zones. Once someone gets into the restricted areas, the Restricted Access Alarms provide automatic notifications and make the work much easier.
  • Top notch reporting techniques provides the exact location of any person.
  • Administratorcan monitorthe visual web interface via any computer or device over the LAN.

Did you know even Apple is in on the bluetooth beacon phenomenon? They introduced the iBeacon in 2013 and can be purchased for as little as $5 per device!

How To Use Bluetooth Beacons As Indoor Positioning System?

The basic and necessary step is to localize the Bluetooth beacons such that they produce maximum accuracy. Localization using beacons may be performed using numerous techniques, some of which include:

  1. Trilateration using RSSI
  2. Filter technology
  3. Fingerprinting
  4. Cell based positioning
  5. Triangulation 

In trilateration, position is determined using the distance to at least three beacon nodes to ensure optimum precision.

In filter based technologies, continuously multiple locations are generated and gets sanitized using different inputs to the system.

In fingerprinting, a map is sliced into a grid and different properties are linked with each grid-cell.

The above mentioned cell-based technique is based on analysing the region of intersection of the range of the visible beacons and the complements of the ranges of the non-visible beacons. It is useless to mention that greater the number of beacons being used, the more precise localization we can obtain from it.

The triangulation approach is based on obtaining angles from predefined references or towards them and further use to calculate the position.

It is always wise step to hire a professional for the installation of the system to avail the maximum accuracy of the positioning system and to learn easy handlingand maintenance of the whole system.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing an Architect


Architectural Plan by Sansli Zhi

An architect gives shape to your ideas and dreams and hence choosing the right one is an important task. A lot of people make mistake of choosing one that has worked before for an acquaintance or heard about but a personal research is required in order to sculpt your dreams into reality. Of course if your budget has room, it is always recommended to consult a professionals like the Altus Group when jumping into development projects.

You should surely keep the following points in mind before hiring an architect:

1. Set a budget for the architectural project

An ample amount of money is needed to be with you beforehand. Set your own budgetary requirements. Usually the amount you expect and the actual cost may vary. If there are any kind of constraints then prefer to discuss it openly to the professional.

2. Define a definite timeline for the project

An architect doesn't give a start to the project immediately. Number of arrangements and chores are to be performed by him before initiation and ergo problems may rise. It is wise enough to set up a time limit along with the architect.

3. Understand the experience of the architect

An architect puts forward his ideas and concept regarding the property like the exterior and interior design based on the recent trends, market value and undoubtedly his experience of years.
Don't be in any kind of rush and consider his opinions and avoid saddling him with yours.
The minimum requirements set up by the city council for the construction of the house along with the limits should be researched before hiring an architect.

4. Create an amiable bond

As it goes that Rome was not built in a day and so does your home. It is an extending procedure and will take a considerable amount of time. Usually much more than you presumed.
Create a healthy working relationship with the professional for letting the project flourish without any hindrance. It is quite necessary that you feel comfortable with him.

5. Keep and manage proper documentation

Architects are business oriented people and before proceeding to any project they might expect you to sign a contract. If you want to add any clause other than mentioned then ask him or the lawyer to include it and agree only when you are satisfied. Make sure to not rush and discuss the contract with your lawyer before landing on any conclusion.

6. Understand the working nature of the architects

The anxiety of completing the project is palpable from your side but a good professional will take his own time. Learn every detail from him like building values and the best materials that should be used. Make sure the structural integrity is not affected by any means in the process.

7. Appointing a team

Depending on the type of project, the architect might hire more minds for finishing the goal on time. Research about all the parties involved and the difference it is going to create in the accomplishment as well as the money.

The utmost need is to work like a team. A person who is willingly accepting your ideas, suggestions and works like a maestro is expected by everyone. But to make that possible you have to make efforts from your part as well along with the research of a good professional for an impeccable end result.

How to make long-lasting, steady real estate returns


You are already well aware of the state of the real estate market right now. You may have heard that this is a buyer's market, and that is true. What you may not know is that there are things you can do that can increase your chance of success and lead you to smart investments that produce returns that are steady and last over a long period of time. Here are just a few of the ways you can accomplish long-lasting real estate returns.

Create a plan

Many people who think about buying investment properties fail to come up with a plan before they start buying properties. They assume that merely buying the property is enough to guarantee a return on their investment, but that is not always the case. Before you start looking at properties, know what kind of income you are expecting. Find out the pros and cons of each type of investment property. For example, if you buy an apartment building, will you have time to visit the tenants? By asking yourself these kinds of questions, you can eliminate a lot of properties from your list of interest. That way, you will not waste your time and you will be able to focus on properties that meet your requirements.

Know the local market

If you really want to make investments that provide a steady source of income, you need to know what you're getting involved with. It's important that you read as much as you can about the area you want to invest in. Find out how properties have fared historically, and investigate whether they will continue to thrive or whether there is reason to believe values will drop. If you are interested in renting to tenants, you need to look at how the property has done in the past before taking it on yourself. If you do not see steady, regular profits, look elsewhere.

Luckily, you do not have to do all this research alone! You will have the help of real estate agents, appraisers, and township assessors to help you sort through all the available information. However, it is critical that you do not take advice without doing your own investigation, and using your business acumen to make decisions about what you will invest in.

Investigate properties well

When you see a property you are interested in, do not think like an investor. Think as someone who is using the property every day. Have a property inspector walk through the property with you, so you are aware of any repairs you may need to make over time. If you want to make an investment, it is important to know you will not be losing money on repairs year after year. Pay special attention to structural components and basic things like electrical wiring, plumbing and flooring.

Have properties appraised by an independent appraiser. An independent appraiser will provide you with an objective opinion of value, which can assure you that you are making the investment you want to make.

When you finally make a decision to invest in real estate, it is not a decision made lightly. It can be a challenging experience, but if you heed the advice in this article, you can be assured that you have a great chance of making steady investments that last for a very long time.

5 Reasons Why Product Packaging is Extremely Important


You must have come across certain products which were born out of the most innovative (out of the box) ideas but still couldn’t bag big profits in the market. Although some of the products were much better than their respective counterparts already dominating the market, what people failed to understand is that the presentation is as important as the material itself. The most innovative ideas don’t shine in the market unless their presentation meets certain standards. This post is all about the role the packaging of a product plays in its success in the market:


1. Standout in store:

The store has an environment where there are abundant chances that your product goes completely unnoticed by the shoppers. The reason being the presence of a zillion colors in the store already in the form of labels and messages of different products kept for sale.  Expecting your product to do well in the store without having a catchy appearance is definitely too much to ask. Always remember, even if the product has made impressive growth in the market on the grounds of its quality, the product’s packaging will be the most important tool in creating brand awareness and loyalty. Always remember that cheap packaging quality can bring shame to your customers in front of their family and friends as well. Always make sure your product looks vibrant and unique from the outside too.

2. Product Protection:

Packaging of a product protects it from the wear and tear it may suffer during the handling before it reaches the store. Nobody wants to buy products which have damaged components in them. Always make sure that the product has a quality packaging that could sustain the wear and tear during the handling processes. If you are the packager always make sure to randomly test your packages using package testing equipment from companys like FlexPak.

3. Convenience:

Suppose you go to the store to buy a toolbox for your garage. You buy a toolbox in which the tools are of excellent quality. Just when you were about to leave the store, you notice that the toolbox doesn’t have a briefcase handle which has made it impossible to carry. Now ask yourself- Would you still buy that toolbox? The answer would be - No. The product packaging should always be designed according to the purpose it will serve. The convenience of the customers while carrying the product should be given top priority as well.

4. Marketing:

Packaging is the soul of marketing. You can’t promote a product unless the product has a packaging that accentuates its features. The physical design and the graphical logo are the phenomenon which

have constantly evolved since the beginning and will be later used as the symbol for building trust with their customers. Always decorate the labels with features that can be talked about during the promotions regarding the product. This can prove to be an excellent factor in terms of enhancing the popularity of the product.

5. Security:

Often during the shipping process, multiple units of the product are stolen or tampered to obtain the entire product or a part of it for illegal sale and use. In such situations, packaging can play an important role to detect or prevent such malpractices. Packages can be engineered accordingly to provide appropriate tamper resistance and tamper-void features to indicate tampering. This would definitely prove to be a savior to the company in terms of losses due to external factors.

Proper Packaging Techniques to Protect Your Items during Shipments


When you are all set to shift to a new location, one has to ensure safe transit of all the belongings onboard. In this post I will help you with all the tricks and tips to achieve perfect packaging of all your items.

The first basic step towards this whole process is prioritizing the items on the basis of fragility. More the item is sensitive towards hostility of transit, more the care to be taken while deciding its packaging technique.


Packaging of machinery

The first step is to dismantle the parts. In the case of electronic gadget, supervision from someone experienced is advised. Once the first step is achieved, the articles are to be kept in a temperature resistant, water proof plastic bag.

A separate box should be assigned for the small parts, like the ball bearings, screws, nails etc. All the things are collectively to be placed inside a cardboard box of requisite size.

Once placed, every inch of the empty space is to be filled with polystyrene, bubble wrap or simply crumbled paper. These materials act as shock absorbers, prevent damage while traveling on an uneven road.

Once the voids are filled, the cardboard box is to be sealed with a handheld tape dispenser, going across whole the length of the box.

Finally check for any tear across the body and go for multiple seal if necessary. At last, label the box with a black marker, denoting the materials it is carrying.

Many a times, heavy machinery or equipment should be placed on a crate or pallets. This is to increase the ease of handling.  Now your package is ready for shipment.


Packaging of fragile items

Items with very low ductility, which are highly intolerant of even a little amount of physical tension, are to be packed very carefully. This category includes glass wares, porcelain materials, antiques, other glass works, china materials, monitors, sculptures etc.

Every piece is to be handled with utmost care with individual bubble wrapping the whole body. Further, they should be placed in polystyrene cases inside a cardboard box with no void in between.

Also, “Box in the Box” technique can be used by simply placing the bubble wrapped material in a small box and further placing that small box in a larger box.

The void in between is to be filled with shock absorbing materials.

Followed with proper sealing and labeling, this technique secures the items from every sort of environmental stress and protects your shipment from damage.


4 Quick Tips

#1) While packaging of large items, always go for professional help. Specially designed boxes and crates are available with packers and movers, which will definitely come to your rescue.

#2) Test the seal integretity of your packages from machines like FlexPak or other methods. This will give you an idea if your items will survive the journey and if additional protection will be needed.

#3) Labeling- Every box is to be labeled indicating your complete address with phone number. The labeling should be done at the top and not sideways. If something gets separated out during the transit, it could be easily traced back to you the owner.

#4) Substantial amount of time should be devoted to this entire packaging procedure, to spare you from that last minute hustle.

Mortgage-Backed Securities: What Are They and What Are Their Benefits and Downfalls?


What are Mortgage Backed Securities?

Mortgage Backed Securities are a type of asset backed securities, meaning they have physical assets attached to the securities. In these types of securities, a group of mortgages are pooled together on the basis of ratings collectively and then sold by financial agencies, often involving banks in between. 

Having defined Mortgage Backed Securities, we would like to come to a clear picture by comparing both the disadvantages and the advantages. Here we go: 

Advantages of Mortgage Backed Securities:

High Yield: Believe it or not, they provide a higher yield than other comparable similar sources of investment. The returns can often be 2-4% higher than other comparable sources. Many a time the bond holders may decide for pre-payment or early payment of the loan, in which case the entire principal of the loan is refunded and interest payment ceases. 

Low Risk: Since almost all of these securities are backed directly either by bodies having government trust or government backed agencies, the risk factor is quite low but not absent , as is the case with any other form of investment. When you are investing in a Mortgage Backed Security, you are not investing in a single mortgage, instead you invest in a group of properties bound together and hence the risk of borrowers defaulting is lower than on a single mortgage. 

Asset Backed Investment: Since mortgage bonds are essentially asset backed investment, meaning they have physical asset attached to the bonds, even if a mortgage holder defaults, at least a portion of the amount can be recovered by selling the property or the land. This insures some recovery in case of defaults. 

Liquidity: These bonds can be sold in the open market if you find yourself in some urgent need of cash or if you have an emergency. This provides immense flexibility. Apart from that, you get payments on a fixed monthly recurring basis, that is you get a payment every month.

Social Aspects: These bonds are really crucial in providing capital for people to buy homes in areas where the banks do not have sufficient capital to operate loans. This helps in providing housing facilities to small and far flung areas, remote and small towns. Such bonds help many people realize the dreams of their first house. So that provides a social aspect to these bonds too.  

But, as with most things, the picture isn't just about advantages. These bonds have some disadvantages too:

Disadvantages of Mortgage Backed Securities: 

Immature Payments: Many a time the borrower decides to pay the mortgage early, or sells this mortgage to get another one at a lower interest rate. Such cases are low in number, but can be always there. These early payments pose difficulty in calculating the life of the bonds. There are many organizations that strive hard to provide an accurate weighted life of your bond, but you can never rest assured. Prepayment rate of mortgages are often linked to market conditions and markets can sometimes trigger mass pre payments.

Each Installment Contains Principal As Well: Unlike other bonds, each monthly payment contains a combination of the Principal as well as the interest. Hence, there is no payment of a consolidated principal at the end of the term of the bond, instead, the principal is repaid in small installments each month.

Defaulters: Yes, the risk to defaulting on a mortgage is always there. While you can with some probability recover a portion of the debt, defaulters make the prospective a bit less lucrative.


Of course these are just the basics. As with all investment tools, there are much more to consider especially when it involves real estate. It is always advised you consult with experts such as the Altus Group before making any significant investments.

Best Appliance Repair Services


Is your refrigerator currently not functioning properly? Perhaps you have had a washer or dryer go out. You could replace all of these major appliances if you wanted to buy new ones, but you might want to consider getting some repairs done. You can try to do this on your own, but you will more than likely make things worse as most people do not possess the expertise or tools necessary to do these types of repairs. If you are in Toronto, you can contact one of the best appliance repair services North York in the area that can come out to your location and resolve your issues.

Locating Appliance Repair Companies
The first step of the process is to actually generate a list of potential companies to work with. This can be done within a few minutes using the Internet. The local listings on Google will show you star ratings and comments that have been made by these businesses that are featured at the top of the search engine results, top candidates for your problem that needs to be fixed. The second step is to consider what other people have said, using the testimonials provided to your advantage. If other people have already used these companies, and they have nothing but positive things to say, then you should be able to choose the best business for the job.

Cost Versus Experience
The final consideration to make is whether you should use the company that comes with the highest recommendations, or perhaps an upstart company that may not have a lot of testimonials, and may also have only a few years of experience in your area. It is sometimes a better idea to pay a little extra for a business that can fix your appliances the first time around, instead of the possibility of having to call the lesser-known company up once again to have them fix the problem properly the second time.

This basic overview of how to choose and hire appliance repair services in Toronto should help you get your appliance up and running once again. It will not take very much time, and once you have found a good repair company, you can use them again for other problems as they arise. You never know when a major appliances going to go out, and you might actually want to try the least expensive repair company just to see what happens. In the end, by using these techniques you will have a list of the top companies in Toronto that can come out to your location to help you with your appliance.

Getting Short Term Rentals And Accommodation In South Of Ontario


Whether one is a resident of South Of Ontario or a tourist, they may at times need to get short term rentals or accommodation. There are several ways one can do this.
One, you can go online and search for any rentals in the area. Be sure to check out that they are legitimate places so that you do not end up a victim of fraudins in special if you are tourists. You can google the place to see if it is a legit. Ensure that you look at the previous clients’ reviews if there are any. Apart from that, call in advance to see if they have any rooms so that you do not get stranded.

Another way you can get short term accommodation and furnished apartments in Mississauga, South of Ontario is by asking any residents of the area. Sometimes, people with empty unused houses decide to convert them in to temporary accommodation for anybody who might decide to visit these areas. Most of the time, these places are reasonably cheaper than most hotels. However, you should ensure that the place you choose is safe and no harm will come to you.

If you decide to get short term rentals, it is important that you sign the agreement allowing you to stay there. This will be helpful when you start to leave so that you can get any deposit that you had paid when renting the place. Failure to sign an agreement could also result in misunderstandings further down the line.

Always ensure that you start looking for a place at least two months prior to your visit. This will give you ample time to scout for any specific details you might want in the rental place. This also gives you enough time to get your finances in order so that the place does not take up all of your funds.

It is also advisable to get a rental house in an area that is secure. Avoid high risk areas as much as possible. Make sure that you keep your valuables in a proper place so that they will not end up getting lost. You should also get to know the policies of the place you are renting to avoid getting in to any problems with the management.
If you get a place that you like but find too expensive, you can always try getting a roommate to cost share. However, if this is the case, ensure that you get a trustworthy person who will not give you any challenges down the road.

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