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Who Doesn't Want A Perfect Set of Eyelashes? Learn How To Get One!

"Take the whole universe all at once and put it on your eyelashes" - Yunmen Wenyan.

Since time immemorial, poets and writers have romanticized eyelashes. Now and then evidence of that crop up in various ancient literatures. Why time travel to the past when today’s generation is equally obsessed with beautiful pair of eye lashes. It s believed a women and her lashes are an endless love affair. A girl is not complete without her lashes.

Now as destiny may favor, there is one in a million chances that you will own lashes as Merlyn Monroe, as with the fluttering of her eye lashes, the world stood still. But that doesn’t mean one cannot nurture the pair of lashes they already have, into beautiful flaunting pair of fluttering lashes. Follow these five tips given by Sugarlash, and discover your way to perfect eyelashes:

1. Conditioning and oiling of lashes

Lashes are nothing but hair. Their tips have cuticle. They too need to be nourished with proper oil. Unrefined castor oil serves this purpose well. Just a little amount of it, is taken in the tip of the finger and slowly messaged. Extra oil is removed using cotton. The precaution to be taken in this case is the selection of the oil; any adulteration will hamper the eyes. Physician’s opinion is vital. This oil promotes the limited growth of lashes, the messaging part helps with the circulation.

2. The art of applying mascara

The application of mascara makes the lashes sticky and softness is gone. So always the expiry date of mascara should be checked, also they tend to try very soon. So it’s advisable to change the bottle of mascara within every few months.

3. Curling of lashes

The lashes are very fragile, even a little bit of mishandling leads to their falling off. Thus while curling the lashes, be very patient. Also pre heating the curler a bit helps in the curling process. A hair drier can e used for this heating purpose.

4. Cleanliness

The lashes needs to be kept clean. Many a times, we use face wash to clean the face, but do not emphasize on cleaning the lashes well as the lead to burning sensation in  the eyes. Also sharing makeup with our friends might contaminate the mascara. So every weekend all one need to do is, take a little baby shampoo in their finger tips and clan the eyelashes. This helps on to get rid of louse and other contamination evading every form of fungal infections.

5. Eyelash extension and false eyelash

Eyelash extensions has taken over the market. They come in various colors and sizes. Once worn, they entirely change the look. So if one feels like applying one of those, just go for it. Though the only primary precaution is the quality of the adhesive used. Poor quality adhesive might rip off some of the original lashes.

Little makeup and care will work wonder to your lashes. As it is rightly said, “you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy lashes, which is kind of the same thing”.


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