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Worried About Your Security Details? Here’s How A Security Management System Can Help You

In today’s world, security is a prime concern of everyone. The news is filled everyday with stories of robbery, theft and other such threats and it helps us sleep better at night if we know that our apartment or organization’s premises are safely guarded by someone capable of protecting our assets and us.

However, security management is not an easy task. Organizations who have a number of guards at their disposal often find it difficult to schedule the shifts of every guard efficiently. It seems like a mountainous task to schedule the tasks for every security guard and a security officer often tends to miss out on certain small details. This could lead to customer dissatisfaction as security is not something people are ready to compromise even a little.

A Security Management System is basically a set of software that helps a security officer or a manager control and plan their security personnel efficiently. It keeps a record of all the activities of a particular security guard, guard tour details, areas covered, shifts worked, payroll, etc.

When it comes to managing a lot of employees manually, one of the most cumbersome tasks is to update the paperwork. The paperwork itself can take a number of hours to maintain if done manually. However, this is made digital using guard management software making this tiring task a lot less time consuming and easy.

When this software is employed, the whole security operation is made tech savvy. The guards are provided with handheld devices like transceivers that enable them to report any incidents immediately and request for backup. It provides a fast way to alert the surrounding areas and the home owners for potential thieves and enable them to be prepared for any unexpected event. Since the alert is triggered manually, the chances of false alerts are less.

Using this software improves performance as sleeping guards will no longer go unidentified. The application requires the guard who is on duty to frequently update activity logs. Their daily duties have to be regularly updated online and this keeps them engaged and accountable for their everyday activities. Security guards can provide better services with the aid of this technology which not only makes it easier for them to account for their duties, but also keeps them engaged and wanting to perform better.

The visitor registration and entries for organizations and large apartments can also be done and tracked online which helps in better management of visitors.

The time and attendance of the guards can also be monitored and their payroll can be categorized accordingly. This makes sure that everyone is rewarded fairly and according to the effort put into the work.

Security Guard Management Software from Silvertrac can reduce the safety risks considerably, leading to a more secure environment. With this technology, immediate assistance can be requested and received during certain situations which make the whole group of security personnel to be there for each other and provide immediate aid. Guard scheduling, accounting, billing, payroll, visitor management and other tedious tasks are also made easy, increasing productivity and improving the quality of the security operations.

Security Guard Management, in general, helps us sleep peacefully at night because we can be sure that we are protected adequately and are safe.

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